Ivetas Ābolas un Daces Rakickas zobārstniecības prakse

The aim of restoration is to renew chewing functions, the damaged dental tissues, the abraded size and form of the teeth.

With the help of aesthetic restoration, it is possible to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, to fix diastema (a gap between front teeth) and trema (gaps between other teeth).

Restoration is performed with highly durable composite materials curable by light, available in wide variety of tones and having other advantages.

When the teeth are prepared for the aesthetic restoration, the good dental tissues are almost not affected.

Before the performance of the aesthetic restoration, the patient explains his/her wishes to the dentist and only after the treatment procedure and options are discussed and mutual agreement about the expected results has been reached, the procedure may be started.

Frequently asked questions:

How long my teeth will retain their new colour?

The colour retention depends on the habits of each patient. The teeth colour is affected by black coffee, black tea and smoking.

Will the size of my tooth change with time, will my teeth wear off?

If a patient strongly clenches his/her teeth during nights, or if he/she grinds his/her teeth, the restored length of the teeth may disappear. The dentist may assess this situation and discuss it with the patient before the restoration procedure and a protective dental cap may be prepared in advance.

Don’t the restored teeth get damaged quicker?

No. If the patient cleans his/her teeth thoroughly and correctly, uses the dental floss, the teeth will not decay.









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